Thursday, July 09, 2020
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Tony Gambone – 1 PM


Harness the Power of the Internet


Are You Harnessing the Power of the Internet? Are you using the Internet Radio Platform to market your books or programs?


I will show you what you need to be recognized as an expert around the world. All the steps to take before, during and after the interviews.


Toby Gambone was interviewed by B. Alan Bourgeois about his session at the COAD Event.  Click here to listen.

Detail Course Info:

1.   Decide what type of show you want to be interviewed on. 

2.   Getting familiar with Radio Interviews 

3.   Perfecting your pitch.

4.   The basics of preparing for a good interview.

5.   Steps to take after the interview.

6.   How to Find Internet Radio Interview Opportunities?


Handouts: Yes - Plus a free eBook


Room: Capital Ballroom F&G