Thursday, July 09, 2020
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Scott Andrew James

The ARC Readers Secret: How to Launch Your Book with 25 Reviews



Reviews are the most powerful form of social proof a book can have, and on a platform like Amazon, they are front and center -- literally right next to the book's title. Every potential buyer will take note of how many reviews your book has, what the average star rating is, and what some of the reviewers wrote. How will your book look? Why do some books have dozens of reviews the week they are released? Why do others never end up getting more than a few? The secret is knowing how to use Advanced Reader Copies, aka ARCs. While traditionally these are early editions that publishers make available to press and reviewers, any author in today's indie publishing environment can take advantage of this approach -- but you need a plan.

In this workshop, Scott will take a deep dive into how any author can create ARC books, develop and manage a list of early readers, and launch your book with the confidence that you'll see 25 or more reviews on your book page the first week. This is a tactical "how-to" workshop and participants will receive worksheets and email templates that are ready to use.



You will learn how to: - Create and distribute ARCs for your book, both print and digital - Build a strong list of ARC readers - See 25 or more reviews on your book page the week of your book release


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Scott Andrew James is a poet and workshop leader focused on helping people transform how they communicate & create. He is a former Author Brand Manager for Greenleaf Book Group, has coached multiple Amazon bestselling authors, and has been cited on as one of "27 Masters of Marketing and PR Every Entrepreneur Can Learn From." He co-developed the award-winning Underground Book Club at Attack! Marketing and has presented at events including O'Reilly Tools of Change Author (R)evolution and the National Speakers Association Annual Conference. Learn more at


Room: Saint Mary's Room