Tuesday, July 14, 2020
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Scott Andrew James

Beyond the Lunch Line Pitch: How to Turn a Good First Impression Into a Powerful Conversation



So you've started a conversation with that agent, reader, author, or other important person and you know you want it to continue. But what do you say next? Do you explain your whole book? Or do you ask about them? Do you tell a story? Give them your card? Keep it short or go deep? Aaaahhhhh! This presentation is about taking a spark and turning it into an authentic, real, meaningful conversation. In this advanced workshop we will build on the basics of using your lunch line pitch. If you took the lunch line pitch workshop on the first day, this is the ideal follow up. If you're someone who is comfortable networking but wants some advanced tips for making the most of important opportunities, this is also a great set of arrows to add to your quiver.



You will learn how to:

- Create and telling your own compelling origin story

- Keep an important conversation going

- Ask for the “best next action" so you get long-term benefit


Scott Andrew James

Scott Andrew James coaches authors and solopreneurs on finding their rocket fuel and transforming the way they communicate. Former Author Brand Manager for Greenleaf Book Group and Head Purpose-Finder at Avasta Press, he has been cited on Entrepreneur.com as one of "27 Masters of Marketing and PR Every Entrepreneur Can Learn From." He co-developed the award-winning Underground Book Club at Attack! Marketing and has presented at events including O'Reilly Tools of Change Author (R)evolution and the National Speakers Association Annual Conference. More at CommunicationHacker.com.


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