Tuesday, July 07, 2020
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Sandy Lawrence

What is a press release?

What are the components of a press release?

Six Basic Tips to Improve Your Press Releases



“Publicity is the ONLY way to reach your dream of being a successful author!” Sandy will show you how to use Public Relations to reach your target audience and sell books.



VPublicity is about getting the attention of the media. The media’s words hold weight with their audiences and give your book and your writing credibility. When they recognize you in their publications or interviews, they bring the public’s attention to your name and the name of your book. Publicity is an important part of your content and marketing strategy. Sandy Lawrence, from her 30 plus years of experience, will not only share tips on getting noticed by the media, she will share ideas for when to send press releases and get media attention.

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Sandy Lawrence is an energetic "people person" and works passionately to take her clients’ message to the world. She loves a good story and considers it her responsibility to help people share their story with the world. Sandy is a publicist, speaker, author and founder of Perceptive Public Relations. She is number 17 in Houston’s Social Influencers and Perceptive PR is number 9 in Houston’s Public Relations Firms. Sandy is the author of several books, including the Do It Yourself PR Guide and Soar 2 Success in Marketing: 58 Tips to Getting the Word out and Growing your Business.


Room: Saint Mary's Room