Tuesday, July 07, 2020
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Lorri Allen

Perfecting Your Soundbites - Advanced


With funny (horrible at the time) stories of what authors have done wrong and many tales of what they do right, Lorri will you give practical tips to look your best on camera, sound your best and how to get asked back again.



You’ve perfected your soundbites and have had a few interviews. Now you’re ready for the tough stuff.  In this session, learn how to:

·         Wrangle difficult reporters and hosts

·         Make the best of technology failures

·         Handle getting shuffled for breaking news

·         Subdue your own media crisis, whether it’s bad reviews or

·         And how to work in your book title without annoying anyone.

Plus, get the skinny on television makeup tricks… making your own videos… and a chance to sit in the hot seat!

Presenter Lorri Allen has been a guest scheduler and host for a national radio and TV show, she has been interviewing people for 35 years… and she has a master’s degree from the Walter Cronkite School of Communications. Master the news media - attend this session.


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Lessons given by Lorri:

Perfecting Your Soundbites

Perfecting Your Soundbites - Advanced