Tuesday, July 14, 2020
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Arlene Gale

As An Expert in Your Field, You Need a Top Quality Book to Grow Business 2017



Learn how writing a top quality book can position you as an expert with increased credibility in your field, which opens doors to access clients in professional venues, therefore increasing income potential.



A book can elevate you as a true expert in your field and opens doors to access peers and potential clients, therefore potentially increasing your income. Don’t stress out about not knowing how to write, market, or publish a book, Arlene has a step-by-step, start-to-finish process. Are you: A life or relationship coach? A health, wellness, beauty, or fashion coach? CEO, business owner, or manager who developed a specific way of doing business, a tool, a process, or technique to share with the world? Are you in the trenches seeing first hand the changing work force or business practices and have a warning or a fix for what’s to come? A speaker who wants to inspire and motivate professionals or every day people with your topics? Travel expert? Realtor? Investor? Do you want to tell the story of your rise from where you were to where you are despite hardships? Whatever your expertise, come learn how writing a book to share with the world can grow your client based and grow your business.

You Will Learn:

• Tips for professionals who talk about writing a book, but don't know how to start or finish.

• Why and how writing a book can position you as an expert, leverage and expand professional credibility, and open doors to reach more clients.

• Learn how a well-written and quality-produced book can provide access to speaking opportunities and to your perfect clients.

• How a book can translate into more income.


About Arlene Gale

Arlene Gale has 30 years professional writing and international speaking experience. Her non-fiction book “Face Forward Move Forward” is an international, national, and peer-review award-winner, and #1 best seller in four genre categories. In 2016, the national SCORE office recognized Arlene’s writing business with the “Small Business Champions Award.” She has written more than a thousand magazine articles, hundreds of radio and television advertisements, dozens of fundraising programs, and books for clients. If it needs to be written, Arlene Gale, “The Book Writing Business Coach,” can do it! Through her passion and her step-by-step writing program Arlene works with professionals to write & market their top quality book to leverage their expertise & grow their business. She is a keynote speaker, workshop/breakout session speaker for a variety of conferences around the United States.


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Room: Houston 3 - Sunday, 10 AM