Thursday, July 09, 2020
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Danielle A Vann

How to Garner Awards as an Author  2019



Award-winning author—it has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Readers are inundated with choices. It’s imperative to stand out! Research shows that awards and award seals on front covers not only give a writer/book merit, but it gives the book a 75% greater chance of being purchased by new readers! 75%! We’ll narrow the focus on how to make your book stand out and how to start gathering those coveted awards.



We examine the best way to get started garnering awards. Throw a dart in any direction, and there is a writing award for it, but does that mean it will help gain you exposure or readership—probably not. Together we’ll craft an award-winning plan. Understand the requirements for most awards and the process of submission. Crafting an award budget—yes, you’ll need one! Considering the value of local, state verse national awards. A tried and true strategy for gathering a scale of awards. Receive a list of awards the general public recognizes and organization every author should consider being a part of and active within. Learn which awards to create a press release for and which ones get placed on your social media/website. Turning awards into marketing pieces for airtime on news affiliates, newspapers, and magazines.




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Danielle A. Vann is a 16-times international award-winning author, including landing on the prestigious Texas Library Association’s Bluebonnet/Master consideration list for 2018-2019. Danielle is best known for her Young Adult series, The Whizbang Series. She has worked extensively as a marketing specialist for a traditional press and is a former reporter/news anchor.I have given an informal version of this talk at nearly every author event I’ve attended. Why? Because other authors can’t believe all the wonderful opportunities that have come my way through


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